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The winners of The Greatest Stain Competition will be announced on May 15th!


  • Upload your images to be entered for a chance to win our fabulous prizes.

  • You can submit your IF stains, IHC stains, or both!

1st place Prize (1 Winner in each category): Apple Airpods Pro*

2nd place Prize (1 Winner in each category): Fitbit Charge 3**

3rd place Prize (2 Winners in each category): Google Nest Mini***

Each image submission will require:

  • 3 images (TIFF format only)
  • Minimum resolution 300dpi
  • Each image is no larger than 20MB
  • The antibody's catalog number


  • Deadline for image submission is May 31st.
  • To be eligible for the prize, permission to use shared images for marketing purposes is required.
  • Shared stains for the competition must be made using a Bioss Antibody.
  • Limit 1 Prize per person.

The following substitutions are available for prize winners if the prize items are not desired:

    * $150 Amazon gift card

  ** $100 Best Buy gift card

*** $25 Starbucks gift card