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Show us how great you are!

Receive a 20uL sample for free to compete in The Greatest Stain Competition. 

We want to see who can make The Greatest Stain.

Share your best IF or IHC image using our antibody and win a prize to celebrate!


There will be multiple winners

(4 winners for the best IF image and 4 winners for the best IHC image:)

1st Place Prize (1 Winner in each category): Apple Airpods Pro*

2nd Place Prize (1 Winner in each category): Fitbit Charge 3*

3rd Place Prize (2 Winners in each category): Google Nest Mini*


*Alternate prize is available if desired, more details available on our image submission

Here's how it works:

  • Submit the form below with your contact information
  • Receive an email with your discount code for a free 20µl antibody
  • Select from over a thousand 20uL trial-sized products in our catalog
  • Enter the code at checkout (or include it with your purchase order) to receive discounted pricing
  • Share your best stains using our antibody. 
    (Each image submission will require 3 images in TIFF format only, minimum 300dpi, include the antibody's catalog#)

We will announce the winners on April 15th!

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U.S. customers only.

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Image Submission

Terms and Conditions:

  • Exclusions apply. Not all products are available to order for free, 20µl items only.
  • This promotion is only available to end users. Distributors and re-sellers are not included.
  • Bioss Antibodies reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.
  • Available in the contiguous USA only.
  • Limit 1 Prize per person.
  • Deadline to apply/order your sample is March 10th
  • Deadline for image submission is March 31st.
  • To be eligible for the prize, permission to use shared images for marketing purposes is required.